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In the software world, we talk a lot about quality. Business leaders say they want the best quality product. Customers have their own ideas of quality, which may be surprising to the business providing the product. Delivery teams are concerned about code correctness, many types of testing, quality in the context of a DevOps culture, and fitting testing in with small, frequent releases. With so many different perspectives, it’s no wonder we get confused about how to deliver that product that will delight our customers. In this talk, Lisa will explain the Holistic Tesing model, which she helped Janet Gregory develop. She’ll share her experiences with looking at quality from a holistic point of view – for both product and process quality. Testing activities support the level of quality needed, and this includes the collaborative effort of the whole team. Join Lisa to learn a new, holistic approach to quality.


Lisa Crispin is the co-author, with Janet Gregory, of three books: Agile Testing Condensed: A Brief Introduction, More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team, Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams; the LiveLessons Agile Testing Essentials video course. She and Janet co-founded the Agile Testing Fellowship, which offers “Holistic Testing: Strategies for agile teams” live training course both remotely and in-person. Lisa was voted by her peers as the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person at Agile Testing Days in 2012. She is co-founder with Janet of Agile Testing Fellowship, Inc. and is available to do training and consulting. 

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