Does it need to be an End-to-End UI test?


Many of us understand the concept of the Test Pyramid and know the challenges of maintaining a large end-to-end UI test automation suite. Yet, a lot of software engineering teams find themselves with a large number of end-to-end UI tests – many of which could have been or already are covered at the lower levels of the Test Pyramid.

In this talk, with the help of an example, I would like to share some of the benefits of testers getting involved in understanding the unit and integration tests that we have on our projects. We will see how it can help us catch bugs early, avoid duplication of tests across layers and promote a ‘complete team effort’ in achieving better product quality.


Lavanya is a Software Engineer with experience in software testing and development. She enjoys testing and cares deeply about shipping quality products.

She likes working with teams that value learning & sharing, has spoken at a few conferences and occasionally blogs at lavanyamohan.hashnode.dev

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