Zephyr as a test management and regression testing tool


In software development, agile practices have placed a significant demand on the swift delivery of projects, with little attention being paid to the impact of quality assurance and testing process in the testing department. The testing team adopts various technologies to automate its approach to meet the tight deadline, such as Zephyr in Jira. I will demonstrate how to use the Zephyr testing tool within the Agile Team to manage tests and automate test regressions within Jira’s management tool. Testers within a team can provide quality tested products within the scheduled delivery window with an all-in-one tool like Zephyr, which streamlines planning, execution, and reporting.


In the last 5years, Ibironke has helped various industries build quality products by carrying out Software Testing activities on Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Microservices, API services, Hardware Applications, and IoT devices. She is best described as a Fullstack Engineer who has experience in both Functional and Non-Functional Testing as well as Quality Assurance Processes. Ibironke Yekinni is an excellent career coach who has empowered over 20,000 people through emails, events, videos, courses, coaching programs, and speaking engagements, resulting in them tapping into the USD 168.71 Billion wealth of the Software development market. She pioneered the first Software Testing Academy in Africa that transforms non-techy individuals into Software Test Engineers in 3 months with her signature academy, TestCodeCamp. Through this academy, She has successfully trained, transitioned, and mentored over 1000 tech enthusiasts with no background in tech to become software test engineers, with over 92% currently employed within three months with a good salary as take home. She is the Founder of Testify Limited (Quality as a Service) firm, Community Lead for the Ministry of Testing, Lagos-Nigeria, and above all a Tech For Christ Evangelist.

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