Walk in Your Power – 5 strategies to own your power and be the boss of your career

Main message

Empower women in tech with 5 strategies that will help them define, develop and drive their career


Confidence is gained when you know the truth about something. However, for women in tech, gender biases and under-representation can sometimes make us feel less than confident about our skills and the value we bring to the table. In this talk, Erika Chestnut shares the 5 strategies she uses to own her POWER and be the boss of her career.

Main takeaways

In this talk, the audience will learn how to leverage my 3D methodology to define, develop and drive an intentional and strategic career.  They will learn the value of treating your career like a business using my Northstar framework. Lastly, the audience will learn how to shift their mindset to leverage both good and bad professional experiences to always be in a position to exit with intention and strategy.


Erika is a fun, sassy, and dynamic leader and speaker. She’s taken her 20+ years of experience in technology and developed strategies and solutions that enable her to operate from a position of POWER.  And now, she’s sharing her learnings with other women in tech to help them do the same.

LinkedIn: Erika Chestnut

Twitter: @Erika