Exploratory Testing Driven by Mind Maps


Exploratory testing is a powerful approach that is very useful to obtain information very quickly, to identify bugs in places where we may not expect them, to focus on functional cycles, to learn about the product being tested, and more.

From my experience, when applying exploratory testing, there are two main challenges. A personal challenge, and a challenge from a team-level perspective. Personally, how do I reuse what I have learned from the different exploratory sessions throughout the different test cycles? And, as a team, how do we share what we have learned during the different exploratory sessions?

This presentation is about how mind maps are used to support exploratory testing in the team and how this strategy tackles the aforementioned challenges.

Claudia will share how mind maps help the team have a common understanding of what to test, and how mind maps are designed by the team so they can easily be read and understood regardless of who created them. She will also describe how mind maps are re-used through the different releases, and what the team has learned when applying this testing strategy.


Claudia Badell is an agile enthusiast with a strong background in software testing and more than 15 years of experience. She is passionate about building and fostering a whole-team approach towards testing and quality. She works as a Software Testing Consultant & Coach at Jigso Labs and as a Trainer & Spanish Translator for the Agile Testing for the Whole Team course created by Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin.

She co-organizes meetups, webinars and TestingUy, one of the most important testing conferences in Latin America. She has spoken in conferences like Agile Testing Days USA, EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference, expo:QA, and VLCTesting. She wrote “”The fascinating path of evolving as testers”” section in chapter 11 of Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin’s latest book, Agile Testing Condensed (2019).

She has a Computer Engineer degree, has taken the Foundations and Bug Advocacy courses by the Association for Software Testing, has completed the Agile Testing Essentials tutorial with Janet Gregory & Lisa Crispin and both the Rapid Software Testing course and Using Risk Guide to Testing tutorial with Michael Bolton. She also holds Scrum Master, ICP-ATA and ISTQB Foundation certifications.

Linkedin: Claudia Badell

Twitter: @Claudia