Testing Strategies For Application On Cloud


  1. A change in mindset and way we test e.g understand why with cloud, adapting DevOps mindset is important and we can’t continue with our traditional way of testing
  2. How the cloud has enabled the tester to test an application very close to the real world? 
  3. A new way of testing e.g Chaos Monkey, with this you can create a failure condition and see if your application is fail-safe or not
  4. As testers we should now start focusing more on security testing as now we are less aware of the infrastructure, your resource capacity, etc
  5. Effective communication as the team has to work closely with a support team of the vendor so knowing the jargon is the key


Jyoti has 10 years of experience working in testing and project management. Currently, She is working as the Senior Scrum master at Cvent, where she leads a 3 cross-functional team of seven developers, building unique products that are helping event planners with attendee experience, appointments, and lead capture! She is a knowledge share and talks on testing, Scrum, leadership, and AWS. She is passionate about teaching and has been associated with The Test Chat Community for the last 1.5 years and has done multiple sessions on AWS, Testing and Test Design.

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