Gwen Stewart

Session Panel Disussion Bio I have been working in IT for the last 20+ years with time in testing and engineering management and a focus on helping teams deliver effectively and efficiently.  In that time I have worked for a range of e-commerce and digital broadcasting organisations including L&G, Expedia, Microsoft, and Amazon and the […]

Fiona Charles

Session Panel Disussion Bio Fiona Charles is a coach, consultant, international keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator specialising in the human side of software development, quality, and testing. She teaches organizations to manage their software quality risk, and software practitioners human skills “beyond process”—hands-on practical skills essential to thrive, excel, and lead on any kind of […]

Erika Chestnut

Session Walk in Your Power – 5 strategies to own your power and be the boss of your career Main message Empower women in tech with 5 strategies that will help them define, develop and drive their career Abstract Confidence is gained when you know the truth about something. However, for women in tech, gender […]

Dorothy Graham

Session The Tester’s 3 C’s: Criticism, Communication and Confidence. Abstract Communication in agile teams is supposed to be seamless and much better than the “old days”. Whether you are in an independent testing team and need to communicate more formally, or communicating face-to-face in an agile context, how can you be effective when you are sometimes […]

Claudia Badell

Session Exploratory Testing Driven by Mind Maps Abstract Exploratory testing is a powerful approach that is very useful to obtain information very quickly, to identify bugs in places where we may not expect them, to focus on functional cycles, to learn about the product being tested, and more. From my experience, when applying exploratory testing, […]

Jency Stella

Abstract: APIs are everywhere. This means there is a huge dependency on leveraging them to build various products. Whether your APIs are internal or external-facing, the importance of a proper testing process shouldn’t change. API Testing has reached stardom nowadays. And by now many would be familiar with the basics of API tests – for […]